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Study Abroad

When considering what and where to study, Merit higher Education counsellor will match your academic interests and your career goals with course information from universities and institutions across the world. It is very important that you think about the convenience of the study location for you, the institution’s ranking, the amount of time you would like to spend away from home and the total cost of studying and living overseas. Your counsellor will be able to guide you on the courses, institutions and locations that best meet your preferences.
There are a limited number of scholarships and bursaries available for international students. The amount varies by level of study and by institution. Scholarships are competitive and you need to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements. Governments and other organisations also provide a number of scholarships and awards to help international students study overseas.
The opportunity for students to work part-time during their studies varies from country to country. Many universities have a dedicated job centre on-campus for students that advertise job opportunities to help students develop skills. The university careers service is also a useful source of information. If you pursue a course at degree level or above you may be permitted to work while on an international student visa.
It is recommended you begin your application process at least a year in advance to give enough time for your applications to be processed and to prepare for your time overseas.
The average time taken is anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks depending on the individual case, so the students need to apply for their application at least 3 months prior to their course commencement. The process can be quicker for certain countries. Please consult your study abroad counsellor at Merit Higher Education Consultants for guidance.
You would need your academic documents, passport copy, statement of purpose, letter of recommendations, essays (if any) to start the application process. Please consult your study abroad counsellor at Merit Higher Education Consultants for guidance.

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